B&F Garage Door Specialist is your one-stop shop for all garage door repair services. Our expert technicians are trained to identify and solve any problem. Here are a few of the garage door repair services we provide

Garage Door Torsion and Extension Spring Repair

Springs are crucial pieces in your garage door’s system that make raising and lowering the garage door easier for the motor to do. Because these are under such tremendous tension, they can weaken and eventually break, rendering your garage door useless. Garage Door Doctors Melbourne is skilled in replacing springs to get your garage door functioning again as soon as possible.

Garage Door Roller Repair

If your garage door rollers are falling apart or are extremely loud and noisy when in use, it may be time to replace them. Our cost-effective, guaranteed work can solve your roller problem in no time.

Garage Door Cable Repair

If your garage door is bumped out of alignment while moving, or the garage door cable is broken or frayed for any reason, it should be repaired immediately. Our technicians can provide the friendly, fast repair service that our customers have come to know and love.

Garage Door Track Repair

If a garage door track is bent or out of alignment, it can be hazardous to attempt to fix it on your own. Go with the garage door repair experts, and your garage door can be repaired safely and efficiently.

Garage Door Weather Strip Repair

The weather strips on garage doors serve as a barrier against water, dirt, wind, and critters. If your weather seal is worn or damaged, contact us today to schedule a repair.

Garage Door Panel Repair

Garage door panels are the meat and potatoes of a garage door system. These panels can be damaged from running into the door, as well as any break in the system that compromises the integrity of the door, such as a broken garage door spring, damaged roller, or metal fatigue of the door itself. Some garage panels can be repaired; others must be replaced. Either way, Garage Door Doctors Melbourne can solve your problem.

Broken or Lost Remote Control Replacement

We can help with any issue relating to a garage door remote control – from lost or broken remotes, to keypad installation. We service all brands of remote garage door openers. Call us today!

Garage Door Opener Repair

If your garage door is acting strange – perhaps it’s opening and closing by itself or not running at all? Problems with a garage door opener can quickly turn from an annoyance to a safety hazard, but Garage Door Doctors Melbourne is happy to help with quick-response emergency repair service.

Whatever the need, Garage Door Doctors Melbourne is ready to help. Contact us today!